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8MM / Super 8 to DVD

$8.00 per 50 feet plus a one time charge of $30.00 to author footage to DVD. Includes labeling, menus and placing chapters in final video, as well as some editing of poor or unwanted footage. Digitized footage can also be saved to an external portable hard drive or thumb drive for storage and transfer to another computer. Music added for additional charge. Original movies returned with completed order. Additional DVD's $7.00 each.

35mm Slides or Photos to CD or DVD

$.60 per slide or photo. Price includes custom labels.

There is an additional charge of $40-$60 to place slides and photos into a slide show presentation.

Analog Video to DVD

Convert Analog video to DVD. Cost $15 per tape if no editing is involved prior to placing on a DVD. Orders to convert 10 or more tapes reduces costs to $10 per tape. Additional DVD's are $7.00 each.

Price includes custom labels and inserts, and content selection.

Audio Cassette Tapes to CD

$15 per audio tape. Additional CD's are $7.00 each.

Memorial & Special Event Video Productions

Pricing is determined by the number of photo's and slides used in the program.

3 min - 5 min | Approximately 40 photos | $150
6 min - 8 min | Approximately 60 photos | $200
10 min - 15 min | Approximately 110 photos | $300

Family History Video's

The cost of this service is determined if live video interviews are taken of family members and if we have to travel to obtain the interviews. Cost to come to a location is $100 and then $40 per hour after the first hour.

Additional costs run $40 per hour to assemble the completed video project.

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